Trip includes 2 weeks of camping with various activities such as Capoeira training, Dance and MMA workshops, Music and percussion and much more.


This year we are proud to host our 2nd International Capoeira Open Competition where Capoeiristas get a chance to test their skills against top-level participants.


Trips include Quilombo dos Palmares, Porto de Galinhas, Praia de Boa Viagem, Ilha de Itamaraca and many more.

VII International Trip to Brazil and II Open Capoeira Competition is coming on November 12-26, 2018!

This year event includes:
- Multiple capoeira, music and dance workshops with world-known Mestres
- 15 days of capoeira and cultural activities
- 6 days camping
- Unforgettable capoeira experience
- Open International Capoeira Championship
- Dance competition (for AXÉ Capoeira students only)
- Visit to Quilombo dos Palmares, Boa Viajem beach and Marco Zero

To reserve your spot today please contact Professora de Dança Graduada Dona Aurinha.

Organized by AXÉ Capoeira (Professora de Dança Graduada Dona Aurinha, ContraMestre Barrãozinho Marcus Aurelio, Professor Ossoduro Marcus "Ossoduro")
Supervision by Mestre Barrao.

If you have any questions about registration or need help with an invitation letter to apply for visa please email grad. Formiga (Evgenia) at

To register today follow the link:…/1FAIpQLSeX4eBH6HBfuRwhK1…/viewform


How to Join US...

To join us on this trip, speak to your instructor or click the button on this page to email us directly.