Capoeira Classes

Please wear white pants and a white t-shirt for your first class. Beginners will learn basic capoeira movements ranging from acrobatics and escapes to kicks and other aspects of self-defence. While building a foundation of basics, you will learn how to put different movements together in combinations and sequences to play the game of capoeira.

Capoeira Class Schedule


*Dates for the Beginner Intro Class vary. Be sure to check online for start dates.

Adults Beginner Capoeira Class Description »

Adult Beginner capoeira classes (crua/crua-azul) are focused on teaching all of the movements of capoeira; from the various escapes, to the attacks, to the basic acrobatics, all while maintaining constant movement. While learning all these movements, you will develop a very solid core strength, lose weight, and tone your muscles. You will also notice improvements in your reflexes, flexibility as well as your agility.

Adults Advanced Capoeira Class Description »

Adult Advanced capoeira classes (azul and higher) are faster paced and specifically involve more complex combinations of kicks, escapes and attacks put together in a very intense and challenging sequence of movements. In order to strengthen your body to do more difficult capoeira movements, the conditioning for this class is more challenging than the beginner capoeira classes. This class will get you and keep you in top physical condition.

Kids Beginner Capoeira Class Description »

Kids Beginner capoeira classes are focused on children (age 5-9) who have new to learning capoeira. Theses classes teach your child(ren) everything from basic movements, to basic acrobatics and music. Through our structured classes your child(ren) will learn discipline, self awareness, and how to be humble while interacting with other children in a challenging yet fun and safe environment.

Kids Advanced Capoeira Class Description »

Kids Advanced capoeira classes are for students who have been training for several years (ages 10-13) and have enough motor skills development to follow complex combinations of capoeira sequences, acrobatic sequences and they also have good knowledge of capoeira’s history. They also will have experience training first hand in the “Roda”.